Improve productivity

At Fusioo we believe that visualizing and understanding your data is the first step in figuring out which actions to take.

Badge View

The Badge View is one of the elements that helps you make sense out of all the information available to you. The great thing about the Badge View is that, like everything else on Fusioo, it can be customized to show you exactly what you need.

Fusioo Badge options

Once you have customized your Badge View, you can choose your appropriate badge type and sift through your records with ease.

Kanban Board

Fusioo Kannban Board

The Kanban Board helps you visualize and optimize the flow of your work. It gives you the freedom to set up your own processes, in a simple and transparent manner.

The Kanban Board is suitable for:

  • Communicating details at a glance.
  • Accelerating efficiency in your existing workflow.
  • Grouping your records by category.