Use Fusioo's built-in integrations

Use our integrations to synchronize your Fusioo calendar with your current calendar application. Access your files right where you need them by connecting your file storage applications with Fusioo.

Fusioo built-in integrations

Connect Fusioo with 1000+ Apps

Using Zapier, you can connect to hundreds of other services. Zapier was made for do-it yourself automation. Set up 'Zaps' without developer help.

Fusioo zapier integration

Here are some example 'Zaps' you can use to connect your data:

Fusioo Gmail integration
Add records in Fusioo from labeled emails in Gmail.
Fusioo MailChimp integration
Automatically add new MailChimp subscribers in Fusioo.
Fusioo Slack integration
Create a new record in Fusioo when a new message is posted to a specific #channel in Slack.

Use Fusioo's API to connect with everything else

When you want to integrate Fusioo with your internal business tools or need to create complex integrations, you can use Fusioo's API.

Developers can use Fusioo's API to connect with any other service that has an API. Easily authenticate, read and modify records in Fusioo from within any environment.