Andreas Giordimaina wrote this on July 23, 2021

Custom branding and other updates

Today we are happy to release one of the most awaited updates from our roadmap.

Here's what's new:

Custom Branding

We have been working on making it easier for Fusioo administrators to add custom branding to their Fusioo Workspace.

With this new update, Fusioo administrators can:

  • Use a custom company logo that is used in the workspace, emails and the login screen
  • Choose a workspace color, that is applied to the menu bar, to the login screen and to workspace emails
  • Choose a custom subdomain for your workspace, such as,

Fusioo Custom Branding

The login screen has branding applied only when using a custom subdomain.

Audit Log

We have added two new functionalities to our Audit Log page.

Filtering has been added, now you choose to see activity related to Apps, Users or both.

You can also search the activity logs by Apps, Fields, Roles or Users to easily find the logs you are looking for.

Activity Log Fusioo

AutoComplete for App Relationship Field

The new auto complete functionality pre-selects App References to streamline the Record creation process.

For example, when creating a new Task Record from within a Project Record, the Project will now be automatically selected and linked to the Task Record.

Zapier Templates & other integrations

We have also created new Zapier templates, which can be found here.

In the upcoming updates, we will be focusing on supporting new Actions and Triggers for Zapier and also integrating with similar tools to make it as easy as possible to connect Fusioo with your other applications.

Fusioo Zapier Templates

We hope you enjoy the latest updates, stay safe! 😷

As always, if you have any feedback or find any issues, let us know via 💬 or 📧