André Gauci wrote this on November 24, 2023

Make integration and collaboration updates

We are thrilled to announce that our integration with Make is now live! After much hard work and dedication, we have successfully launched this integration, aiming to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity.

We have also been diligently refining the way discussions are presented, a development we’re excited to delve into further below.

Make Integration

With Make you can connect Fusioo with thousands of other applications. It will help you build and automate anything in a powerful visual platform.

Our Make integration includes Triggers, such as when a record is created, updated, or created/updated.

Actions have also been incorporated, allowing you to create or update a record, download or upload files, and make API calls.

Additionally, we have introduced a Search functionality that enables you to find a record or retrieve a specific one.

You can find more information about the integration here.

Record Activity

We have made some enhancements to how Record changes are displayed. Now, changes are still grouped by field, but multiple changes are displayed in a single line. For instance, if you alter the value for a number field, both the previous and new values are now shown on the same line. This update aims to provide a more concise and clear view of modifications.

In addition, we have introduced color coding to make it easier to identify the type of change. Deletions are marked in red, while additions are highlighted in green. This visual aid is designed to help you quickly understand the nature of the changes made.

Record activity

Merged Activity, Discussions and Followers

We have recently revamped our side panel for an improved user experience. Initially, the panel had three separate tabs for discussions, activity, and followers. We’ve now streamlined these into a single tab and introduced a filtering feature for easier navigation.

Additionally, we’ve updated the user interface and user experience to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.

New Discussions Widget

We are also introducing a dedicated widget for displaying discussions, moving beyond the previous method of only using the notifications popup or the discussions on record pages. This new feature allows you to view your discussions from multiple Apps in one place.

You can select specific apps to include, opt to display discussions only from records you’re following, show only prioritized discussions, and also include resolved discussions. Discussions widget

We hope you enjoy the latest updates!

As always, if you have any feedback or find any issues, let us know via 💬 or 📧