Stefan Gauci wrote this on June 07, 2016

New Badge Layout and an improved Link to App Field

As explained in one of our previous blog posts, we've put a lot of effort in improving the List Widget. This update has made it possible for us to quickly ship List Widget related features over the coming months.

Today we're happy to announce that the first major update for the List Widget is now live.

The all new Badge Layout

Lists are great when you need to view detailed record information in a tabular format. Yet, sometimes you need to better visualize the information at hand. This is where the new Badge Layout comes in handy.

New Badge

Like everything else within Fusioo, the Badge Layout can be completely customized to fit your needs.

If you're a Fusioo Admin, just click on'Change Badge Content', set up the information you need to show and you're good to go.

Badge Options

We've also added a handy preview so that you won't need to go back and forth between the Admin area and your workspace. Check out the new Badge Layout.

Sneak peek at what’s just around the corner

For the next update, we’re working hard on improving your productivity within Fusioo. We’ll be adding a Kanban board to the new Badge Layout. This will bring a lot of improvements by:

  1. Helping you visualize your work flow
  2. Organize your processes into predefined stages
  3. Update records on the fly (just drag and drop)

Here’s a preview of the upcoming update (please note this is an early build and may change in the final release)

New Grouping

More news on the upcoming updates will be posted in the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy these new updates!