Last updated on: August 11, 2023

Fusioo Roadmap

Now that the major milestones included in Phase 3 have been completed, it's time to start working on Phase 4 of our development roadmap.

Please note that these feature plans are all subject to change. As with any product development, it is difficult to predict exactly when new features will be rolled out. Even so, we think it's important to be as open and transparent as possible about our plans so that you can have the right expectations.

There are many features on our backlog and this is by no means an exhaustive list. Not everything is a 'new feature', our goal is to improve your experience with Fusioo, and some major improvements included here are based on your feedback 🙏

Smaller updates will be announced on our change log.

Over the coming months, we will be updating our public roadmap with each major release. Here is what we have planned (not in any particular order):

Development Phase 4

1. Webforms

This option will introduce a new automated way with which you can insert data in Fusioo.

You will be able to easily create a webform from any App in your Fusioo workspace. You can then share it publicly on other websites and each new entry is added to the appropriate App in Fusioo.

Some use cases:

  • Collect contact information from your website
  • Collect feedback from your website
  • Allow clients/contractors/collaborators to add information without giving them access to Fusioo

Note: You can currently use Webforms functionality from third-party tools via our Zapier integration.

2. Dashboard Sharing

Dashboard Sharing, as the name implies, will allow Admin Users to share their App Dashboards.

Sharing will be available via a special Dashboard URL that each Dashboard will have.

Similarly, we will make it possible for Users to share complete Apps (by sharing multiple Dashboards).

3. Embeddable App Widgets

Right now, Dashboard Widgets can only be accessed through Fusioo. Sometimes, you might want to embed a single widget (rather than a whole Dashboard) in your Website.

This feature will enable Fusioo Admins to do so.

Use cases include, but are not limited to, the ability to share a public roadmap, set up public trackers, or more.

4. Custom Domains

When you use the branding option, you can currently change the subdomain, formatted as follows: Everything that appears before can be customized as desired, however, if you are looking to remove the Fusioo branding, you will be able to do this with a custom domain.

Setting up your own custom domain will allow you to access your Fusioo site with a domain that you own. You can replace your URL with a branded domain that can be formatted like or instead!

5. Improve Fusioo's user experience

Fusioo has been improved a lot over the years. Nonetheless, we always strive to keep a fresh user interface, without making significant breaking changes.

This update will be rolled out in multiple phases. We strive to make Fusioo simpler to use, faster, and more visually engaging, without killing what makes Fusioo a great product.

6. New Fields

These Fields will help you structure your data better within the Fusioo platform and Here are some of the Fields we'll be working on:

Rating Field. You will be able to rate records and share those ratings with your colleagues. This will be helpful in very specific scenarios, such as rating feedback on new ideas or rating job applications.

Address Field. You will be able to add mapping functionality within your Apps. This will come in handy when you want to quickly find addresses of contacts or companies you are working with.

Phone Field. You will be able to not only format phone numbers, but integrate with third-party applications, such as WhatsApp Business, Skype, Viber, and Twilio.

7. Scheduled exports and backups

We are working on overhauling our export system. As part of this revamp, we will add automatically scheduled exports and a periodic backup system.

Currently, periodic backups are only being taken internally. This feature will make these backups available to all Fusioo Admin users.

Fusioo backups will also enable the export of Files, which currently, is not available to Fusioo Admin users.

8. New Dashboard Widgets

We are working on adding new Widgets that will aid data visualization. The Widgets we will be working on include:

Gantt Chart. This widget will help teams to plan work around deadlines and properly allocate resources. Your team will have a bird's eye view of the milestones and any related tasks connected to a record.

Gauge Chart. This widget will help you visualize any data that can be displayed on a dial. This chart is most often used in executive dashboard reports to show key business indicators.

Radar/Spider Chart. This widget will help you compare two or more records using different Fields that outline the record's features and characteristics.

Detailed Panel View. This view will be a combination of a panel filled with Badges and an always-open record details section. It will make it easier to go through records and view their full data instantaneously.

9. User Activity Reports

With this feature, Admins will be able to extract data on User activity. You will be able to filter by date and specific user.

This feature will continue to build on the existing Audit Logs.

10. Duplicate App

As the name implies, the Duplicate App functionality will allow Fusioo Admin users to copy an App either to the same or to a different Workspace.

This feature will be very useful if you are an Agency building Workspaces for multiple clients.

11. Recycle Bin

Currently, each record deletion is permanent.

With the Fusioo recycle bin, we will give an option for Fusioo Admin users to restore back deleted records. Currently, this can only be done by Fusioo staff.

12. Formula Field Update

We are working on making the Formula Field simpler to use.

We are also adding more options to the Formula Field, such as the ability to use more Fields from your App Relationship and adding more mathematical functions.

13. New Integrations

New integrations will be introduced within the core Fusioo platform. This will reduce unnecessary silos in your daily processes.

Here are some product integrations we'll be working on:

  • Pabbly
  • Make (formerly known as Integromat)
  • Improve existing Zapier integration

We will be integrating directly with Google Sheets. Currently, you can connect Fusioo to Google Sheets by using Zapier.

The new integrations will allow direct import from and export to Google Sheets. We will also be working on two-way synchronization between Fusioo Apps and Google Sheets.

The existing Zapier integration will be improved with more Triggers and Actions.

Another item on the list is a direct integration with Twilio, which could allow you to send SMSs through Workflow Actions and set up calls directly from within your Fusioo records.

14. Workflow Improvements

We know how crucial workflows are to most of you. We will be adding more options based on the feedback we get. There might be a few surprises here too 😉

Some planned updates:

  • Trigger a workflow when a record is deleted and a new comment or discussion is added.
  • Trigger a workflow-specific schedule.
  • Delete a record(s) when a workflow is triggered.

15. Better support for App Relationships

App relationships are a core part of all processes and we intend to improve the options available in this area.

Some planned improvements:

  • Bulk Edit a Relationship Field
  • View related records as a list, badge or in a Kanban Board.
  • Use Relationship Fields as workflow trigger conditions.

We are always happy to review any constructive feedback. 👍

If you feel like we are missing something that might really improve Fusioo, please feel free to contact us via 📧 or 💬!