André Gauci wrote this on August 11, 2019

App relationships, workflows & API updates

June and July are traditionally slow months 🌞

Still, new features have been added to your Fusioo account. Here's what's new:

Dynamic filters for App Relationships

You can filter the records that are displayed in an App Relationship Field based on the value of another Field.

Dynamic Filters

Looking at the image above, let's say you are creating a new project and select Fusioo as the Related Client (1).

You can add a filter on the Main Contacts Field (2) so that only Contacts related to Fusioo are displayed.

Learn how to add a relationship filter.

Copy Saved Views

You can use your existing Saved Views as templates to create new ones. You don't need to start from scratch.

Copy Saved Views

New CC and BCC options in Workflow Emails

With this update, multiple users (carbon copy or blind copy) can be included in the same email.

Email CC and BCC

API Updates

Version 3 of the API has been released. The File Field is now supported. You can add, download, and delete files through the API.

New methods have also been added to access more resources like comments, discussions and users.

See what's new in Version 3.

We hope you enjoy the latest updates. 👍

As always, if you have any feedback or find any issues, let us know via 💬 or 📧!