Stefan Gauci wrote this on April 14, 2016

New, improved App Builder

Over the last couple of months we've been talking to our ever growing customer base in order to establish how we could truly take Fusioo to the next level. One issue that continually popped up was the time it takes going back and forth to create, activate and manage Apps. Today, we’re happy to announce a major update to the way Fusioo works. So what’s new?

Widget Preview

We've simplified the Dashboard creation process. From now on you don’t need to go back and forth to see the information displayed in your Dashboards. widget previews

Improved flow when creating a Dashboard

We have reduced the number of clicks required to configure Dashboard widgets. With the new update, all it takes is just one click to switch between your various Dashboard widgets. You can now focus on creating insightful Widgets that help you make better decisions.

Easier to secure your workspace

Fusioo has made it even easier to secure your workspace. We've created a central location to handle all permission settings. You can change the permissions of all Roles at one go, without ever leaving the page. Check out the new permissions page.


Get things done, faster than ever

We've made a lot of changes under the hood to improve the performance.  Our aim was to reduce the number of clicks required when you’re setting up your workspace. Some noticeable improvements:

  • Faster workspace loading times
  • Navigation between App management pages and the workspace is up to 5 times faster
  • Reduced the number of page reloads for a smoother experience

Going Forward

We welcome your feedback as we continue to make improvements. During the coming weeks, we will be shipping the next batch of requested features. You can check out our public roadmap for more information.