Andreas Giordimaina wrote this on March 18, 2018

Introducing inline editing

Following the Field Sections update, we've been working around the clock to ship one of the most awaited features in Fusioo: inline editing.

Inline Editing

Inline editing will help you get work done, faster.

To get started, just navigate on any List View available in your workspace and double click on any editable Field.

Note: You can also navigate through cells by using the arrows on your keyboard. To switch into Edit Mode, press Enter. Learn More.

Column Pinning

This update will also include another highly requested feature, the ability to Pin (or freeze) a column.

To get started, find any List View column and choose Pin Column from the Settings menu.

Pin Column

Column Resizing

We have also added the ability to resize List View columns.

Visual Updates

Apart from inline editing and column pinning/resizing, we have also changed the way Link to User Fields are displayed within the List View.

User Field

You can now also view any related records or files from within the ListView itself.

Files and related records

We hope you enjoy these new updates. 👍

As always, if you have any feedback or find any issues, let us know via 📧 email!