Last updated on: December 12, 2018

Fusioo Roadmap - Phase 1

The milestones for this phase have been completed. Check out the current roadmap.

Development Phase 1

1. Improved App builder

We have received a lot of feedback on how we could simplify the App Building process. We are currently working on a way to combine the App Builder, Manage Apps and Marketplace sections. This way you can create, manage and activate App bundles in one place, without going back and forth between several pages. We are also working on simplifying how you create and modify custom Dashboards. We will be adding auto refreshing previews for both the widgets and the Dashboard in general.

2. Marketplace Apps

We will be adding a brand new Fusioo App Marketplace. We will then release new App Bundles periodically to cover different business processes. Basic App Bundles will serve as learning templates that you can use to build your own App Bundles. Apps within basic App Bundles will be composed of basic Fields and a simple Dashboard. Remember that you can always modify the activated Apps to fit the way your team works.

3. Improved Collaboration - @mentions and notifications

Our end goal is to help teams improve their collaboration and productivity on Fusioo. We will soon be introducing two highly anticipated features: user notifications and mentions. The user notifications update will be an extension to the Link to User Field. If notifications are turned on for a specific Field, users added to the list will be subscribed for notifications on that record.
E.g: We've just created a Tasks App that has two simple Fields: Task Name (Text) and Assigned To (Link to User). We turn on user notifications for the Assigned To Field.
Once you create a Task, the users selected in the Assigned To Field will be subscribed to the record. When the record is modified or deleted, subscribed users will be immediately notified. Users are also notified when someone writes or replies to a comment in the record activity stream. The mentions update will enable team members to mention each other in conversations. You will be able to mention one another using the standard @<name> syntax. Once someone mentions a colleague (or a client), the user on the receiving end will be notified in-app and via email.

4. Public API

Some of our users have been asking us whether we will be making our API public. The answer is, yes. We will be supporting the most common authentication mechanisms, such as OAuth 2.0. We will also release an easy to navigate API reference as well as integrate with other service providers such as Zapier. If you want to be one of the first to beta test our API, feel free to contact support. We will notify you once our first beta version is available.

5. Bulk edit functionality

We also plan on making it easier to edit your data in Fusioo. To achieve our goal, we are going to update the List widget. We will be working so that the List view lets you edit multiple records at once.

7. Calendar

We will be adding a new calendar view to improve project management capabilities in Fusioo. The calendar will help you get organized and spend less time scheduling your week. It will be possible to display records from different Apps in one centralized view. This update will also include improvements to the Date Field by adding the ability to set the time and duration (e.g. May 21st 14:30 - May 21st 16:30) and not just a static date.

8. Export records

We are also working on providing our users with functionality to export existing Fusioo records. Such functionality will be helpful when you need to extract a list of clients or sales leads that you intend to use in another tool, such as an email marketing tool.

9. Record page re-design

We've received a lot of feedback related to this page. We will be re-designing the layout and introducing a new tabbed design which separates the record activity, details and chat sections. This will give more importance to each section, making them more practical to use. After this re-design is complete, we plan on making further improvements which will update how the 'Link to App' and 'File' Fields are displayed in this page. We will post more updates on this after the re-design is complete!

10. Badge view for the List widget

Apart from the productivity updates coming to the List widget, we will also be adding a badge view to the List widget. The badge view will help users that need to view records as thumbnails
E.g: view the title and the image for a specific record

11. Kanban view

After adding the Badge view, we also plan on adding the possibility to visualise your data using a Kanban view. This will be done by grouping your records with Fields available in the App. For example, you will be able to start grouping Projects by their status. Updating a record will also become easier. Want to change your project status from 'In Progress' to 'Done'? Just drag and drop your record in the 'Done' group and you’re good to go.

12. Lite User improvements

We will be making improvements in the way you work with Lite Users in Fusioo. The main goals will be to:
  • Easily display which records are shared with any Lite User in Fusioo
  • Share multiple records with a set of Lite Users without configuring the record every time

13. Support for image previews

We will be improving the File Field so that images are treated differently from other files. This way you won't need to download the images just to see the preview. Once Image support is available, a gallery with image previews will be available in Fusioo itself.

14. More responsive web UI

Right now we are working on making our web UI more responsive for better usage on the latest tablets and smart phones.

We are always happy to review any constructive feedback. 👍

If you feel like we are missing something that might really improve Fusioo, please feel free to contact us via 📧 or 💬!