André Gauci wrote this on June 14, 2022

Web Forms, Unique Value and more updates

We are happy to release more updates from our public roadmap.

Here's what's new:

Web Forms

We are very excited to announce that Web Forms are now in Beta! Should you need Web Forms access in your workspace, feel free to contact us either through our web chat or via email.

Web forms can help you collect information from outside of your Fusioo workspace by sharing a link or embedding a form into your website.

You can create web forms for a variety of use cases, such as to gather feedback through feedback forms, for contact us forms or even for job application requests.

Web Forms

Check our Fusioo Guide for more information about multiple workspaces.

Unique Value

We are also releasing another highly awaited feature that will help in eliminating duplicate data.

The Unique value option is currently supported on four Field types: Text, Number, Email and Web URL.

To enable unique values for your Field, navigate to your Field Settings and tick "Unique Values Only".

Unique Value

In order to turn on the Unique Value option, the Field must not have duplicate values.

Updated Field Rules

We are also adding support for more Field types in our Field Rules.

Previoulsy, you could only set up Field rules for Select and Tick Box Fields.

Now, we are also supporting setting Field Rules for Text, Email, Web Url, Number, Link to User and Link to Role Fields.

You can add Field Rules on both internal Forms and public Web Forms.

Updated Report Image component

We are also releasing another highly requested feature, File Field support in the report Image component.

Previously, you were only able to upload your own image directly in the Image component. Now, you can use images from a File Field in the image component.

Image component

Only a single image will be used. You can filter the images, otherwise the last uploaded image will be used.

We hope you enjoy the latest updates!

As always, if you have any feedback or find any issues, let us know via 💬 or 📧