André Gauci wrote this on February 26, 2024

Workflow Paths and custom mail (SMTP) servers

We’re happy to share some great new changes that our team has been working on!

Today we are introducing three exciting updates: Workflow Paths, Workflow 'Today' functionality, and Custom Mail Server (SMTP)

Workflow Paths

We’re excited to introduce a new feature that will revolutionize the way you manage your Workflows.

Workflow Paths are designed to help you build Workflows for more complex processes and perform different actions based on varying conditions. This means you can now build conditional Workflows, adding multiple outcomes to a single Workflow.

For instance, if a particular condition is met, then a set of actions are carried out. Conversely, if a different condition is met, other actions will be carried out, and so on.

Workflow Paths

Learn more about the Workflow paths feature.

Using your own custom mail server

We're also thrilled to introduce the ability to use your own custom mail server through SMTP.

Previously, all emails sent from Fusioo (e.g. from Workflow Actions) were being handled by Fusioo. Therefore, even if you ended up using a custom email in your Workflows in the From drop down, when sent, it would still be mailed via a Fusioo subdomain. However, most of our users needed more flexibility and personalization.

Now, when setting up your Workflow Email action, you can use a custom mail server.

Workflow - Email action - Custom SMTP Server details

This means that you can send emails directly from your company's mail server, providing a more personalized touch to your communications.

But that’s not all. Our new Custom SMTP Server comes with a host of benefits:

  • Better Deliverability: Improve your email delivery rates and ensure your messages reach the intended recipients.
  • More Customization: Personalize your emails to align with your brand identity and communication style (no more 'via' in mail headers)
  • No Monthly Limit: Say goodbye to the 1000 emails per month limit. With the Custom SMTP Server, you can send as many emails as you need.

Setting up your mail server is simple and straightforward. Just add your settings to get started:

Workflow - Email action - Custom SMTP Server details

Learn more on how to set up your Custom mail server via SMTP.

Workflow 'Today' Functionality

Adding more functionality to Workflows, another new feature has been added to our Workflow Record Actions - the Today option.

With the 'Today' option, you can set the Date Field value of any Record in a Workflow Action to the exact date of the Workflow’s execution. This means that whenever a workflow is triggered, the system will automatically capture the current date.

The 'Today' function allows you to add or subtract days from the Workflow's execution date.

Workflow Today Functionality

We hope you enjoy the latest updates!

As always, if you have any feedback or find any issues, let us know via 💬 or 📧