Stefan Gauci wrote this on October 19, 2018

New Checklist Field & Webhooks

After last month's performance, charts, relationships and import updates - we're happy to announce some long awaited updates 😎

Here's what's new:

New Checklist Field

The Checklist Field can be used when you need to track a list of small tasks, but creating an App to track them feels like an overkill.

Progress is automatically updated when you check items off the list.

Checklist field

Like other 'list' Fields, the Checklist Field can be used in the Formula Field. You can access a list of completed, incompleted and all of the checklist items.

You can calculate the progress and number of remaining items with the length() function.

Checklist formula

Read more on the new Checklist Field.

App Sorting

You can now sort the Apps in your Bundles.

No more random prefixes to display your frequently used Apps on top 👍

App Sorting


Webhooks allow you to send data from Fusioo to other Applications, such as Slack and Zapier, without writing any code.

To help you take full advantage of their flexibility, We have added Webhooks as a new Workflow action. This means that, like other Workflow actions, you can choose which conditions need to occur before sending a specific Webhook.

For example, when a new task is added in Fusioo, you can send a message to your Slack channel:

Webhook Slack

Read more on the new Webhooks action.

Workflow Updates

Apart from the new Webhook action, we've made some smaller updates to workflows.

Copy workflow - instead of starting from scratch, you can now copy your existing workflows and use them as templates.

Copy action - you can also copy a workflow action.

Email attachments - when using the Email action in Workflows, you can now include files in the File Fields as attachments.

Read more on the new attachments option.

API Updates

This month we've also made some updates to the Fusioo API. You don't need to make any changes to existing applications.

We've added a new API method which lets you get the App's record count.

Another new option is the ability to use filters when retrieving data from the Fusioo API. Filters can be used with the new Get Records and Record Count methods.

Private API application - a new type of API application has been added. A private API application makes it easier to connect Fusioo to other REST based API services.

With this type of application, you don't have to manually go through the authentication flow. Instead, you can generate an access token directly from Fusioo.

Read more on the new private API application.

We hope you enjoy these new updates. 👍

As always, if you have any feedback or find any issues, let us know via 💬 or 📧!