Last updated on: December 02, 2021

Fusioo Roadmap - Phase 3

The milestones for this phase have been completed. Check out the previous phase or the current roadmap.


Development Phase 3

1. Webhooks

Webhooks allow you to get notified by Fusioo about changes to your data, as they happen.

Rather than requiring you to pull information via our API, webhooks will push information to your endpoint. When one of those events is triggered via a workflow (for example a new record is added), we will send this notification as an HTTP POST request, with a JSON body, to the endpoint(s) you specify.

This can be used to connect directly with other applications such as Slack or Zapier without writing any code.

2. Field Rules

We will be working on enabling rules for particular Fields. This means that you will be able to redefine your processes, set up better Field validations and reduce data entry errors.

Some examples of Field rules we'll be working on include:

  • Rules on Drop down Fields. You will be able to set up rules so that Fields are shown/hidden based on a selection from a Link to User, Link to Role and Select Field.
  • Rules on Tick box (Checkbox) Fields. Similar to the Dropdown List Fields, you will be able to apply rules that show/hide certain Fields when a Tick box is checked.

3. Webforms

This option will introduce a new automated way with which you can insert data in Fusioo.

You will be able to easily create a webform from any App in your Fusioo workspace. You can then share it publicly on other websites and each new entry is added to the appropriate App in Fusioo.

Some use cases:

  • Collect contact information from your website
  • Collect feedback from your website
  • Allow clients/contractors/collaborators to add information without giving them access to Fusioo

Note: You can currently use Webforms functionality from third party tools via our Zapier integration.

4. Better support for App Relationships

App relationships are a core part of all processes and we intend to improve the options available in this area.

Some planned improvements:

  • Group by a Relationship Field
  • Update related records from a workflow.

5. Checklist Field

You will be able to create a simple list with the ability to check off completed items and track the progress. These lists will come in really handy when you want to create simple todo lists on particular records.

6. Workflow Improvements

We know how crucial workflows are to most of you. We will be adding more options based on the feedback we get. There might be a few surprises here too 😉

Some planned updates:

  • Trigger a workflow manually
  • Attach files to emails sent from a workflow.

6. Printing

Apart from the current export options, we will be adding options to print out information from Fusioo in a PDF format.

This option will be available for a single record, an entire dashboard or a specific group of records.

7. Reporting

With the reporting option, you will be able to export and present data in a different way. Report templates can be defined to help you extract the data automatically, on a schedule or manually.

You will be able to create custom reports, such as invoices and expense reports, from within Fusioo itself.

8. Global Dashboard

This update is aimed at making information instantly accessible without switching between different Apps.

You will be able to 'pin' widgets from different Apps and place them in a single global dashboard, making it possible to display all of the key metrics for your business in one place.

9. New Marketplace Templates

We know the role ready-made App template bundles play both for new and existing users when trying to move a process to Fusioo.

This planned update will consist of new App template bundles, for different use cases, such as Asset Management and Real Estate Management. This update will also feature improved Marketplace App template bundles that will be making use of recently released features.

We are also working on creating basic, single App templates that can be used as a base when creating a new App.

10. Updated App Builder

Creating and modifying Apps is a core function for any administrator using Fusioo. This update will make both creating and, updating existing Apps, easier.

The update aims to consolidate functionality related to App building and maintenance. This means that you will be able to manage fields, setup workflows, create and modify reports and set up App permissions, from one place.

Based on your feedback, we will improve the general App builder user experience while also integrating Field Rules within the App builder itself.

This update will also feature an import system that can be accessed by normal (non-admin) users and a whole new Global Dashboards administration page.

11. Branding

Custom Branding will allow you to make Fusioo, even more, yours.

You will have several options like the ability to replace Fusioo's logo with your own, change Fusioo's color to match your own brand and let your team access Fusioo from a branded URL, such as

12. Notification Center

With this update, you will be able to add comments directly from the notification center, no more switching between Apps and records.

Discussions will also be updated to enable better collaboration. Some new options you can excpect - mark discussions/comments as urgent, resolve discussions, an option to vote/like discussions and emojis support 👌

13. Multiple Workspaces

Multiple Workspaces will be used to manage and switch between workspaces for different companies or departments.

Apps, Users, Roles and Permissions, for each Workspace will be completely isolated from one another.

14. Two factor authentication (2FA)

Two factor authentication (2FA) adds another layer of security to your Fusioo account.

2FA will allow you to use your favourite authentication app (like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator) to verify your login, right after a login to your Fusioo account has been registered.

15. Lookup

The majority of Apps you are using are likely to have relationships with other Apps. For example, a list of projects has a related list of tasks and a list of orders consumes information from a list of products.

In existing app relationships, only the field used as 'Badge Heading' can be displayed in the other app's lists.

With this update, it will be possible to go beyond this limitation and add all the information needed into context.

16. Calendar

Several updates will be made to the calendar, improving the usability and connectivity with third-party calendars. Some of the planned improvements:

  • Option to filter which records appear on the calendar (using existing saved views)
  • Displaying the same App more than once in the calendar
  • Option to export any calendar to an iCalendar (.ics) file and use it in any third-party calendar applications that supports that format
  • Integration with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar (including two-way sync)
  • Improved UI/UX in the day, week, and month views

17. File Field & Storage Options

Apart from uploading your files directly in Fusioo, we will be adding an option to link to files that are already uploaded in popular third-party storage solutions.

In the first release, we will add support for Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive. Files linked from these services will be available in Fusioo as normal files (including a preview).

We will also improve the design of the File Field making it more accessible and easier to navigate through the uploaded files.

18. API Updates

New integrations will be introduced within the core Fusioo platform. This will reduce unnecessary silos in your daily processes.

Here are some product integrations we'll be working on:

  • Support for more Fields in the Fusioo API
  • New API methods and record filtering options

We are always happy to review any constructive feedback. 👍

If you feel like we are missing something that might really improve Fusioo, please feel free to contact us via 📧 or 💬!