Stefan Gauci wrote this on November 27, 2016

Real-time filtering

Following last week’s UI update, we have been receiving a lot of feedback, some of which we’ve managed to incorporate successfully within today’s release.

Here’s a quick list of the new changes within the Fusioo workspace:

Real-time Filtering

We’ve made it easier to filter your data on the go.

You can also pin the filter panel to the right side of your screen, while collapsing Fusioo’s sidebar.

Learn more about real-time filtering.

Saved View Sharing

You can also start sharing Saved Views with your team members.

Saved Views are no longer tied to a particular dashboard. You can now use your saved views across all of your App’s Dashboards.

Shared Views

NOTE: You might currently be using an identical view across multiple dashboards. With this update, we have merged all Saved Views into one panel.

If you're seeing duplicate Saved Views after this update, go ahead and delete any redundant Views.

Learn more about Saved View sharing.

Lite User record access filtering

You can also quickly filter your data to find out which records are shared with particular Lite Users.

Lite User filter

Larger workspace area

You can now collapse the sidebar to improve your working area. This might come in really handy when using the new real-time data filtering panel.

New App Bundle icons

We have added App Bundle icons to help you identify particular App Bundles when the sidebar is collapsed.

NOTE: We ran a simple program to automatically match and assign icons for common App Bundles.

The default icon will be assinged to any unmatched App Bundles.

Here’s how you can select an icon for your App Bundle:

  • Go to Manage Apps
  • Find the App Bundle, click edit and click on the icon.
  • Choose a new icon for your App Bundle.

    App Bundle Icons

We hope you enjoy these new updates. As always, if you have any feedback or find any issues, let us know in the comments below or via email.