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You get 20% recurring commission until the client cancels their subscription. It's that simple.

Fusioo Workspace

Getting Started

What is Fusioo?

Fusioo is an online database that helps growing businesses get organized. You can use Fusioo to manage anything, from clients and projects to ideas and timesheets. All in one place.

Learn more about Fusioo.

Will Fusioo work for my audience?

Fusioo is completely customizable and can be easily adapted to a wide range of industries and niches; from digital agencies, to universities and management consulting firms.

Why would I become a referral partner?

Fusioo is commonly used to replace multiple workflow tools, such as project management and CRM systems, timesheets and feedback tracking, inventory management, you name it. This makes Fusioo an indispensable asset that is vital for the day-to-day running of the business.

How does the Fusioo Referral Partner Program work?

1. Share your custom URL

2. Visitor becomes Client

3. Get Rewarded

Getting Paid

How will I get paid?

We will transfer awaiting payouts to your PayPal account.

When will I get paid?

Payments are automatically issued at the end of each month after the customer refund period is over, as stipulated in our refund policy.

Will I be able to monitor my progress?

Yes, you will be granted access to our third-party Referral Partner Dashboard where you can monitor visitors, signups, number of customers and payouts.

Estimate your recurring commisions

Clients will be paying - Fusioo monthly (per user) subscription: €26 Fusioo annual (per user) subscription: €228 (€19/user/month)

Number of new clients

Users per client

Avg. is usually 15 users per client

You will earn every month every year


Who is eligible to become a Fusioo referral partner?

To be eligible for the Fusioo Referral Partner Program you need to be somewhat influential in your industry or niche.

Referral Partners can be bloggers, vloggers, business consultants or even individuals who are authoritative on a particular channel, such as forums or Q&A sites.

How can I get accepted in the Fusioo Referral Partner Program?

We'll need to know exactly how you're going to bring direct relevant leads to Fusioo.

Applications are usually processed in under 5 business days.

Are there any fees to join the Fusioo Referral Partner Program?

No, there are no membership or subscription fees.

See what our customers have to say

I didn't have time to learn anything too complicated. I did some research and I joined a few free trials for simple user created online database solutions. With Fusioo I had a simple working template in less than 30 mins and I understood it had the functionality needed for the rest of my requirements.
  • Dustin Fjeld
  • Managing Director, Fjeld Consulting
I cannot tell you how excited we are by your app and the access to the data for our early literacy programs in Central Texas. It is helping us so much with program management and fund raising, so thank you very much!
  • Emily Cicchini
  • Executive Director, BookSpring
What really impresses me about Fusioo is the flexibility of the app and the speed at which you are implementing improvements. Customer Service has been exceptional and I feel like feedback is actually valued. I have worked with several other online platforms where customer feedback has been filed in to a very deep, dark hole never to see the light of day. I also feel that through your roadmap you clearly communicate upcoming features and developments.
  • Demelza Sutherland
  • Marketing Consultant, Ivy & Ash