Build your own workspace.

Zero coding required. It is as easy as adding a new sheet to a spreadsheet.

Organize anything. Just like a spreadsheet, you can use Fusioo to organize projects, tasks, clients, you name it.

Build as you grow. Your workspace can evolve as your needs change.

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Go from insights to actions.

Create charts, sorted lists and key metrics from your data. Fusioo lets you plot all sorts of charts from your data, including line/area charts and bar charts.

You can also create key data widgets, such as numeric widgets and sorted lists.

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Team and client collaboration.

Improve your productivity. Keep everyone in the loop with discussions, mentions and shared files.

Stop drowning in emails. No more back and forth between a myriad of emails.

Impress your clients. Invite clients to your workspace. Share, collaborate and be more transparent.

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Connect your data intelligently.

Avoid data duplication by connecting related content. Unlike spreadsheets, with Fusioo you can connect your data so that your team members won’t need to enter the same information more than once.

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Create beautiful reports.

Create detailed reports from your data. Unleash your creativity and build reports either from the ground up or by using one of the existing templates, such as the ones for invoicing or activity progress.

Generate reports with the click of a button. Create your report once and then generate a fresh report from different sets of data.

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Take automation to the next level.

Work on what matters, automate the rest. Create business workflows that are triggered by specific actions and take your team’s productivity to the next level.

Building simple and sophisticated workflows has never been easier.

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360-degree view with the Fusioo calendar.

View your schedule in one place. Stay on top of your workflow by monitoring your Fusioo calendar.

View shared calendars from your team members. Share your efforts and availability, and make sure no one in your team gets left behind.

Connect with external calendars. Synchronize your Fusioo calendar with Microsoft, Google and Apple calendars.

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One database, multiple ways to view it.

Work the way you want to. View and work on your data in List, Badge, Kanban or Calendar views.

Advanced data filters. Find what you need by filtering data in any way you want. Share any filter with your team.

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Role-based permissions.

Role based permission system. Powerful access permissions can enable you to control which roles can create, update, delete, print, import and export data. This way, your data is both private and secure.

Easier team member onboarding/offboarding. Onboarding and offboarding team members in your Fusioo workspace will just be a matter of moving users to their newly assigned roles.

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Bird's-eye view with Global Dashboards.

Keep your most valuable information at your fingertips. Global Dashboards enable you to display what matters most in your entire business, in one place.

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Keep your data safe.

Your data is your biggest and most expensive asset. Fusioo gives you the opportunity to keep your data safe, replicated across multiple data centers and automatically backed up. All data entered in Fusioo is stored on ISO 27001/27002 certified servers.

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Connect to your favorite applications.

Native integrations. Add files directly from Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

Zapier Share your Fusioo data with over 2000 applications like Typeform, Slack and Mailchimp available on Zapier.

API integrations. Build your custom application integrations using the Fusioo API.

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You own your data.

Export your data at any time. The data you insert in Fusioo is yours, you can delete it at any time. With one click you can export all the data stored in your Fusioo Apps.

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