Quickstart Guide: An introduction to Fusioo's online database builder software

Fusioo is a collaborative online database that helps your team get work done, in one place. This guide explains how you can use Fusioo's online database builder software to create your custom online database.

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Online Database Builder: Getting Started

You can use Fusioo's online database builder to set up your ideal workspace, without writing a single line of code.

Getting started is just a matter of figuring out which information you need to track.

Once you know which information needs to be tracked, you can then use Fusioo's easy to use online database and set up your workspace to track such information.

When your workflow changes in the future, you can use the Fusioo’s web database builder and modify your workspace to adapt to the required changes.

A lot of teams use Fusioo to build their custom project management workspace and customer database management software. For more examples on how to get started with Fusioo's online database application software, check out these database templates.

Web Database Builder: How does Fusioo work?

Let's say you want to track your team's Tasks. To get started, you will need to create a new Tasks App.

Now that you've created your first App, the next step is to add structure to your App. You can add structure to your App via Fields.

Here's how to do it:

How do Fields work?

Fields give structure to your data. In Fusioo, there are two types of Fields, Custom Fields and Default Fields.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are the Fields you choose to set up yourself.

For example, in a Projects App, custom Fields can include:

  • Project title
  • Status
  • Team responsible
  • Deadline

Default Fields

Default Fields are generated automatically when a new App is created. They will be automatically populated when you create or update recods. The four Default Fields are:

  • Created
  • Modified
  • Created By
  • Modified By

App Relationships

App Relationships are very useful for connecting your data.

For example, you might want to connect your Tasks to particular Clients. In this case, you will need to add a new Client Field on your Tasks App.

This App Relationship Field will create a link between your Task and your Client.

This means that when you're viewing a particular Task, you'll be able to visualize the Client data right on your Task - without the need to navigate to your Client.

App Relationships

See what our customers have to say

It's so good. We've shut down other apps, rid ourselves of numerous spreadsheets. It's genuinely transforming the way we do business.
  • Tom Brereton Downs
  • Director, Screenology
With Fusioo I had a simple working template in less than 30 mins and I understood it had the functionality needed for the rest of my requirements.
  • Dustin Fjeld
  • Managing Director, Fjeld Consulting
We use Fusioo to report to our board of directors on a monthly basis. Makes it super quick and easy, much better than generating excel reports.
  • Emily Cicchini
  • Executive Director, BookSpring


Dashboards help users visualize the structured App data. Fusioo automatically creates a default Dashboard for each created App.

If you need to visualize information in a specific manner (e.g: you need a pie chart to display the number of tasks for each status), you can pick and choose widgets.

List View

The List View widget helps you visualize data in tabular or badge format.

Numeric Metric

Numeric Metric

The Numeric Metric helps you visualize and keep track of key App metrics.

Sorted List

Sorted List

The Sorted List Widget helps you visualize a top 10 record list.

Pie Chart

Pie Chart

The Pie Chart helps you visualize sectors that each represent a proportion of the whole.

Bar Chart

Bar Chart

The Bar Chart helps you visualize grouped data.

In the news

"Fusioo provides a single and secure platform where companies can build the tools that reflect the way they manage data."
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  • Jose Maria Delos Santos
  • Project-Management
"Apart from Project Management, Fusioo includes customizable CRM functionality within your organization."
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  • Lígia Assumpção
  • Geekhunter
"The main positive point about Fusioo is that it can be completely customized for your company."
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  • Ana Nemes
  • Baixaki

Database Builder Software: Security and Permissions

Apart from building your own workspace, Fusioo also provides you with granular Field-based permissions.

This means that, even as you grow, your data can be kept safe at all times.

Fusioo's permissions can help you hide specific Fields for specific Roles (groups of Users). This means that your Users will only access the information available to them.