Our Story

Like many great products, Fusioo was born out of a need we saw when working as software consultants within various industries.

In 2013, while running our small software development agency, we decided it was time to embark on a new venture. Starting as a side project first, Fusioo immediately became our main focus right after we introduced it to our core group of clients.

We decided to build Fusioo, primarily, out of necessity. We had heard it all.

While building software for our clients, we realized that most of them were either:

  • Using multiple unconnected spreadsheets to run their business. Information was being lost, overwritten and too hard to manage. Things were slipping through the cracks on a daily basis.
  • Using multiple Apps to manage their business.. from project management, to CRM, to HR management, then storing the internal company wiki on Google Docs and the leave management schedule in a few spreadsheets. This too, created a mess. Our clients wanted a single platform, where everything is connected.
  • Using business software that they had hired previous contractors to build for them. However, maintenance was a nightmare, to put it mildly. Some had hired a whole IT department just to maintain and keep the system up and running. It just didn't make sense, financially, for most of these companies to hire third parties to build their custom internal workspace.

That is when we came to the conclusion that, since most businesses come with unique processes and requirements, the software they use everyday should reflect that.

In 2015, after launching our product and getting our first clients, we had fulfilled one of our core goals.

We had made it possible for everybody to build an online workspace that works exactly the way their business does. Without writing a single line of code.

Executive Team

Fusioo is built and maintained by a team of highly-experienced and motivated professionals. We believe that the software you use everyday should adapt to the way you work, not the other way round.


Andre Gauci
  • Andre Gauci
  • Chief Executive Officer
Stefan Gauci
  • Stefan Gauci
  • Chief Customer Success Officer
Andreas Giordimaina
  • Andreas Giordimaina
  • Chief Technology Officer



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