Customizable CRM and Project Management software for modern digital agencies

Fusioo is the first completely customizable CRM and project management software that can help you gain total control of your agency and stand out from the competition.

Fusioo Workspace
Fusioo: Customizable CRM and Project Management software

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"Fusioo provides a single and secure platform where companies can build the tools that reflect the way they manage data."
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  • Jose Maria Delos Santos
  • Project-Management
"Apart from Project Management, Fusioo includes customizable CRM functionality within your organization."
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  • Lígia Assumpção
  • Geekhunter
"The main positive point about Fusioo is that it can be completely customized for your company."
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  • Ana Nemes
  • Baixaki

Powerful and customizable Project Management template and CRM for small business & digital agencies.

The Fusioo App Builder will help you build the customizable CRM and Project Management software you need without writing any code.

Manage your digital agency, the way you want to

Fusioo will help you set up your ideal workspace for Project Management and CRM.

Together with your team, you can choose to either set up your digital agency workspace from scratch or get started by using an App Bundle from the Fusioo App Marketplace.

You can tweak the Marketplace App Bundles to work exactly the way you do, without writing a single line of code.

Some of the most frequently used App Bundles, include:

  • CRM + Project Management
  • Project Management Template
  • Expense Management
  • Issue Tracking
  • Applicant Tracking
  • CRM for Small Business

A new way to impress your clients

Prospects questioning how you're different from the competition?

The Fusioo Client Hub will help your digital agency stand out through transparent customer relationships. Your clients will be able to view and take part in project discussions. The Fusioo Client Hub will help you manage customer relationships with ease.

Start getting more customer referrals and win better retainers.

Grow your digital agency, in one place

Using too many tools to manage your digital agency? Moving between different tools because none of them seems to adapt to the way your team works?

Fusioo allows you to adjust your workspace on demand.

Need to track project expenses or sales leads? No problem. You can configure Fusioo to do so.

Improve team productivity, deliver better projects

Failing to deliver your projects on time and on budget? No one on your team seems to want to stick to one project management tool?

Fusioo will help you improve your daily workflow in no time.

Your team will love using something that can immediately adapt to their changing workflow.

Make sure everyone is working on what truly matters

Need to know how your team is doing on a particular project?

One of the benefits of customizable CRM and project management software is that you can set up your own workflow. Fusioo does not stop at providing teams with custom workflows.

By using Fusioo's powerful reporting capabilities you can find out what is slowing you down. You can also build powerful custom reports and see exactly what's causing the problem.

Keep your mind at rest, wherever you go

Fusioo adheres to the same procedures and standards used by banks and governments around the world. Our security is also regularly, independently reviewed and audited by industry experts.

No matter what device you use, from your desktop browser to your mobile phone, your data is always sent using 256-bit SSL – the highest standard communication security. So nobody can ever see or steal your data as it is transmitted to or from your Fusioo account.

You can also set up powerful access permissions. This way you can make sure that your team members are only accessing what they need.