Data security

Your company data is your biggest and most expensive asset. Fusioo gives you the opportunity to keep your data safe, replicated across multiple data centers and automatically backed up.

Data security is our highest priority

All data entered into Fusioo is stored on ISO 27001/27002 certified Microsoft Azure servers.

Microsoft Azure is considered one of the industry leaders when it comes to cloud services offerings. It is used to power everything that Fusioo offers. These secure data centers offer the scaling and redundancy mechanisms necessary to offer you a reliable experience when using the Fusioo platform. Microsoft Azure meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, as well as country-specific standards.

Fusioo takes advantage of many security features offered by Microsoft Azure.

Redundancy - Instance Auto-Scaling and Load Balancers are used to ensure that our production environment remains online and traffic is always routed to the healthiest instances.

DDos protection - Microsoft Azure provides a robust platform that is pre-built to offer protection against most of the known attacks. It also allows Fusioo to react quickly if unusual patterns are captured in our activity logs.

Data Backups - We keep hourly and daily backups of all the data stored in Fusioo. In addition to the automated Azure backups, we also store off-site encrypted backups to ensure the integrity of your data.

Geo-replication - Data is geographically replicated across multiple data centers in different regions. So in case of a natural disaster, unless multiple continents are effected at once, all client data should be safe and sound.

Firewall protection – Firewalls are used to protect every virtual machine, cloud service, storage, database used by Fusioo to ensure that only authorized traffic has access to those resources.

Export – The data you insert in Fusioo is yours, you can delete it at any time. With one click you can export all the data stored in your Fusioo Apps.