Dashboard Widgets

Widgets are the core components that make up a Dashboard. They help you visualize and summarize the data stored in your Apps.

There are different types of widgets which can be added to a Dashboard:

Add widget
Widget Types


The Heading widget is used to organize your Dashboard. It can be used to divide the Dashboard in sections making it easier to view important information at a glance. Learn more.

Heading widget

Discussions Widget

The Discussion widget is designed to streamline your communication and keep you in the loop across various Apps. Learn more.

Discussions widget

Text Widget

The Text widget lets you write rich text notes that provide additional context to your Apps. You can add text, links, images and even embedded videos to your Dashboards. Learn more.

Text widget

List & Kanban View

This widget lets you interact with your data. You can view, edit, delete and create records from within this widget. There are different views which can be used to visualize the data. Learn more.

List View and Kanban widget

Numeric Metric

The Numeric Metric helps you visualize and keep track of key App metrics. Learn more.

Numeric Metric widget

Sorted List

The Sorted List Widget helps you visualize a top/bottom 10 record list. Records can be sorted by a Number or a Date Field. Learn more.

Sorted List widget

Pie Chart

The Pie Chart helps you proportionally compare different data categories. Learn more.

Pie Chart widget

Line Chart

The Line Chart helps you visualize a trend in data over intervals of time. Learn more.

Line Chart widget

Bar Chart

The Bar Chart is used to display and compare different categories of data.

Bar Chart widget
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