Work the way you want to

With Fusioo you can build the tools you need from scratch. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Are you fed up of having to track customer information in one tool, whilst managing projects in a separate tool? With Fusioo, you are in control. You can build the workspace your team needs and store the information that matters to you.

How does Fusioo work?

Fusioo is all about freedom. The pleasure to work the way you want to, without restrictions.

Apps. Fusioo gives you the freedom to create your own Apps, without writing any code. Apps are used to track, manage and share information. If you need to manage and track your team projects, then you would name your App Projects. You can create as many Apps as you like, to store all of the information you might need, such as Customers, Leads, Events, you name it.

Fields. Once you have named your App, the next step is to create the Fields you need to track. For a project you might want to track the Project Title, Project Description, Project Status and Team Members.

Dashboards. Fusioo will automatically create Dashboards for your Apps. Should you need to visualize specific information, you can set up custom charts, metrics and lists.

How will Fusioo help you out?


Quick migration. Fusioo has a built-in Import tool that makes it easy for your team to move your existing data. You can model your Fusioo Apps to match your current data structure and then use the Import tool for bulk upload. Your data is always yours. You can get your data out of Fusioo any time you wish.


Improved user adoption. Finding it challenging to get your team members to adopt a new collaboration and data management tool? With Fusioo, your team members can build the tool they need, together. This way, everyone will be part of the decision making process.


Scale on demand. Need to handle and track more information? Fusioo can help you scale your operations without adding additional tools. Keep your data centralized, accessible and secure on the Fusioo platform.