Tick Box Field (Checkbox)

The Tick Box Field (Checkbox) can be used when you need to offer a choice between two, mutually exclusive options. The Tick Box Field is most commonly used to store:

  • Approval Status (e.g: the Project’s Approval (Yes/No) answer)
  • Featured Status (e.g: the Article is featured or not)

Adding a Tick Box Field (Checkbox)

Learn how you can add a new Field in Fusioo. Here are some of the Tick Box Field’s additional options:

Default value The Default Value is added automatically when creating a new record. The Tick Box Field can be set as either Ticked or Not Ticked.

Here’s how the Field will appear when you are:

  • Creating a new record
    While creating record


  • Viewing a record
    While viewing a record


  • In the List View
    In the list view


  • In the Badge View
    In the badge view


Additional Information

Can be used for searching? No
Can be used to sort records? Yes
Can be used as a Badge Heading? No
Can be used for grouping in the Kanban Board? Yes
Filtering options
  • Is ticked
  • Is not ticked
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