Date Field

The Date Field can be used to store dates, date ranges and a date and time combination. The Text Field is most commonly used to store:

  • Schedules (e.g: the Event’s scheduled start time and end time)
  • Deadlines (e.g: the Project’s Deadline)

Note: You can visualize records with a set date in your calendar.

Adding a Date Field

Learn how you can add a new Field in Fusioo. Here are some of the Text Field’s additional options:

Default Value A Default Date is added automatically when creating a new record.
Default date

Note: You can set the default date in the past by entering a negative number.

Date Type
  1. Date - Used when you need to track a particular date.
  2. Date and Time - Used when you need to track both the date and time (no interval).
  3. Date Range - Used when tracking a time interval.
Date types
Display count from today When ticked, the date will be displayed as a count from the current date (now). For example, 5 days ago OR in 16 days.

Here’s how the Field will appear when you are:

  • Creating a new record
    While creating record


    You can choose your preferred date format when manually entering dates. This is done from the Profile Page.

    Today's date is taken as default when typing a date. This means you can type only part of the date and the rest will be added automatically. For example, assuming today is 30th May 2019:

    You enter Date input format Result
    5 Day > Month > Year 5th May 2019
    25 10 Day > Month > Year 25th October 2019
    11 Month > Day > Year 30th November 2019
    11 2 Month > Day > Year 2nd November 2019
    2020 Year > Month > Day 30th May 2020
    2020 7 Year > Month > Day 30th July 2020

    Note: You can use different separators between day/month/year. 5.10.2019, 5-10-2019, 5/10/2019 and 5 10 2019 will all result in 5th October 2019.


  • Viewing a record
    While viewing a record


  • In the List View
    In the list view


  • In the Badge View
    In the badge view


Additional Information

Can be used for searching? No
Can be used to sort records? Yes
Can be used as a Badge Heading? No
Can be used for grouping in the Kanban Board? Yes
Filtering options
  • Is after
  • Is before
  • Equal to
  • Not equal to
  • Is today
  • Is within next
  • Is within previous
  • Is within previous week
  • Is within current week
  • Is within next week
  • Is within previous month
  • Is within current month
  • Is within next month
  • Is within previous year
  • Is within next year
  • Is within next year
  • Is not empty
  • Is empty
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