Web Forms FAQ

Where can I find the Web Form submissions?

Web Form submissions will be converted to records within your Fusioo App.

Can I remove the Fusioo branding from my Web Form?

Yes. If you untick the "Show Fusioo branding" tick box in your Web Form settings, we will remove all of your Fusioo branding.

For this to work, you need access to the Fusioo Branding package. For more information, you can contact Fusioo support on one of our support channels.

Can I split a form into multiple pages or sections?

Yes. Your Web Form Fields can be grouped in Field Sections. From your Web Form settings, you can then choose whether Field Sections should be shown as:

Stacked: Displays the Fields grouped by their Field Section, in a single form.

Steps: Displays the Fields grouped by their Field Sections, in multiple forms. Each section will be separated as a separate form, similar to a form wizard.

Are there any unsupported Fields?

Yes. App Relationship Fields are currently not supported.

My Web Form is not keeping its UI intact when embedded on my website. What is happening?

If there is not enough space (width) for the HTML iframe, Web Form Fields that take 33% or 50% of the Web Form canvas's width, will take 100% of the width instead.

Are there any other limitations?

Yes, we limit the number of Web Forms per App depending on your license. For more information contact us on one of our support channels.

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