Bulk Edit (Update)

You can edit multiple records simultaneously. To do this:

  1. In the List View, select the records you want to edit and click on Edit.

    Select Records

    You can also select multiple cells in the List View using keyboard shortcuts.


    Use Shift + Left Click to select a range of cells or Ctrl + Left Click to select an individual cell.


  2. A dialog will open notifying you how many records you will be editing.

    Edit Records


  3. Select the Field you want to update

    Select update Field

    If you selected multiple cells using keyboard shortcuts, the Field to update will be automatically selected.


  4. Enter the new value for that Field

    Enter new value


  5. In some cases, there will be additional options. For example, for List Fields, you need to choose if the new values will replace or be added to existing values.

    Advanced option


  6. Save and the records will be updated.

Note: Bulk Edit does not work on File and App Relationship Fields.

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