Workflow Triggers

What is a Trigger?


Triggers are specific events that will automatically kickstart a specific Workflow.

Record Created

This event is triggered after a record is created by any User from your team. It is also triggered if the record is created through the Fusioo API.

The Record Created event is not triggered when importing App data.

Record Updated

This event is triggered after an existing record is updated by any User from your team. The event is also triggered when records are updated in bulk.

When using bulk edit, the maximum simultaneous actions allowed can be exceeded. Check the workflow limits.

Date Reached

This event is triggered before/after a particular Date is reached.

A common use case for this trigger is to set reminders. For example:

  • Notify me 6 hours before the Task Deadline
  • 15 days after the Last Contact date remind me to follow-up
Date Reached Trigger
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