Pricing (FAQs)

Does Fusioo offer a Free plan?

Yes! Fusioo offers a free plan with limited features. Our free plan is well-suited for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small teams. If you require more advanced features, you can easily upgrade to one of our paid plans.

What is the difference between a Lite User and a Regular User?

You can check out the Users section for differences with regards to features and limitations.

How about pricing?

Regular User (Standard Plan)

€19 per month (when paid annually)

€26 per month (when paid monthly)

Lite User Free


How much will I be paying for 3 Regular Users (Standard Plan) and 25 Lite Users?

You’ll be paying €78 (Math: €26 * 3) each month or €684 (Math: €19 * 3 * 12) each year.

Please note that calculations on this page are done using the Standard Plan. The pricing differs based on whether you are on the Free Plan (regular and lite users are free), the Basic Plan, the Standard Plan, or the Enterprise Plan. To stay up to date with the latest pricing details, we recommend visiting our pricing page. This page is regularly updated to provide you with the most accurate and current information.

We invited a new User to our Fusioo workspace. How will we get billed?

We will issue a one-time prorated charge to your payment card that will cover your new User’s account for the remainder of the current billing period.

Note: How does proration work?

If our billing period starts on January 5th and we add another user on January 25th, how do you calculate the one-time prorated charge?

  • First calculate the remaining days for the current billing period.

    There are 10 days between January 25th and February 4th

    We are assuming that your company is issuing payments monthly. Therefore, a one month billing period starting on January 5th will end on February 4th.

  • Calculate your prorated bill

    (€26 / 31 days) * 10 days = €8.39

Will my subscription be automatically renewed each month?

You can choose between auto renewal and manual renewal.

If you choose auto renewal, we will automatically charge your payment card at the start of your new billing period. We will also send you an email a week before charging your credit card.

If you choose manual renewal, you will need to 'sign in' into Fusioo at the end of your billing period and manually register for the next billing period.

What is a deactivated User?

When you deactivate a User, he/she will not be able to access Fusioo temporarily. If you decide to delete a User, he will not have access to Fusioo permanently.

You don't pay for a deactivated User. If you deactivate a Regular User, we will automatically post a prorated credit to your account.

Users can only be deactivated once a month.

What happens once I switch a Regular User to a Lite User?

If you switch a Regular User to a Lite User during your billing period, we will automatically post a prorated credit to your account. We use the same calculation that is used when adding a Regular User to your team.

Do you offer any refunds?

As stated in our Refunds Policy we only issue refunds within 15 days of the original purchase of the product.

We do not issue any refunds for further product renewals.

Do you charge Value Added Tax (VAT)?

The rate charged is the standard VAT rate for your country of residence.

VAT is charged under the following conditions:

Bulgarian customers

VAT is always charged (VAT registered business can then reclaim their VAT expenditure).

EU customers

If your company is VAT registered, then no VAT is charged. The business will then be required to follow the reverse charge mechanism.

Currently we do not accept EU (intra-community) customers that are not VAT registered.

Outside of the EU

VAT is not charged.

Validating VAT Numbers

Fusioo is legally obligated to validate VAT Numbers. To validate them we user the VIES API which is a service offered by the European Union.

Fusioo only accepts intra-community VAT numbers that are successfully validated by VIES.

VAT Validation Issues

If your VAT number has validation issues, please try validating your VAT number in the URL below. Probably either the VIES API is temporarily unavailable or the VAT number you entered is not an intra-community one.

We are legally obligated to validate VAT numbers and we rely on VIES to do so. If the VIES API is not available, VAT validation may fail.

If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.

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